A Mobile Company with a Difference

NCC Mobile offer unique mobile packages aimed at customers with a poor credit score. Our team is able to provide the benefits associated with a pay monthly mobile plan without the need to undergo the dreaded credit check. We don’t provide mobile phone handsets; just low cost, pay monthly packages.

mobile with poor credit score

pay monthly packages

Mobile Packages for Everyone

We understand the global recession has made credit far harder to come by but everyone needs a mobile. Until NCC Mobile, many people have been stuck on high cost pay-as-you-go packages often without being able to top up.

"I wanted the benefits of a pay monthly contract but the main networks wouldn’t offer me credit – NCC provided me a great tariff and allowed me to keep my number"
"NCC Mobile gave me options when all other providers were just not interested. The process was quick and simple without any intrusive questions of forms to complete"
"NCC Mobile allow me the benefits of a pay monthly contract despite not having a great credit score. NCC Mobile don’t penalise me for this, they just helped"
"NCC Mobile’s packages are better than the Pay As You Go alternatives and I get to keep my own number – perfect"

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